Summary : You start spending more time with a classmate then with your own boyfriend. There will be another version of this request! It was a chance to bond more with your classmates.

jealous x reader lemon

But most importantly, you got to see your boyfriend Mirio more often. But unknown to you, you were also giving less attention to Mirio. I promised to study with Hado! What are you doing tonight? You would still give him loving pecks on the cheek, and hang out with him during lunch. But as soon as you left the school and head to the dorms, Hado would swoop you away from him. He usually was extremely optimistic but his mood seemed to severely shift thinking you were intentionally avoiding him.

You sat in front of Hado with your legs crossed, she was sitting on her knees behind you. You had your head tilted back as she brushed your hair out. Soft music filled the room and a slight breeze came through the window. You hummed and opened your eyes, your eyes slowly drifting up the familiar muscular torso to a face.

You opened your mouth to speak but felt Hado leaned over you. Give us like an hour! You looked up at him as he walked, his cheeks were puffed up like a child would do. He looked SO adorable. He was heading for his dorm. He walked up to it and nudge it open with his foot.


He shut the door and fell back onto his bed, his arms still tightly wrapped around you. He pouted and turned his head away. Are you jealous of Hado?Originally posted by caps-bucky. Keep reading. Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. You want me.

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Originally posted by spacedoutsher. To say you were a late riser was an understatement, the entire team could recite detailed stories of having to physically drag you out of bed and onto the quinjet for early morning missions.

Walking like a zombie across your room, you picked out a pair of workout shorts and a sports bra then pulled your hair back into a high ponytail. Picking up a water bottle that lay discarded in your bathroom sink you quickly refilled it with the same cold water you splashed all over your face, hoping to wake yourself up a bit more.

Walking along the hallway to the lift, you entered in the gym floor number and plugged your earphones into the headphone jack on your phone. You had a brief plan of how you wanted to work out, deciding on a leg day: starting on the treadmill, then squats, lunges, etc etc, back to the treadmill and then give the punching bag a whack, for the hell of it.

Your music blurred out the sound of your feet hitting the treadmill, trainers slapping against the machine as you eased into your warm up. Twenty minutes later and you were gulping down water and thinking about how proud Steve was going to be of you when he found out how early you were working out, when he himself walked in.

He seemed to be the only one with any dignity at all, although he still had half the Stark interns lusting after him, girls and guys. Flicking your ponytail over your shoulder you stepped onto a work out mat to start stretching.

Lowering into your first squat, we begin to fall into pace with your music. You suddenly heard the bang of the gym door, loud even against your music playing at almost full blast in your ears. Unhooking an earphone once again, you bent over, grabbing your water bottle. Straightening up you caught sight of the person stood at the door and nearly choked, almost spitting the water across the room. Bucky was stood with one arm against the gym door, foot keeping it wedged open.

His dark hair was pushed back from his face as though he had just pulled it loose. His upper body glistened with sweat meaning the harsh gym lights were literally bouncing off his goddamn sculpted torso, highlighting every single toned muscle to you.

You swore mentally, furious at yourself to be caught almost drooling over him. You could feel his eyes trailing down your body before gluing to your butt as you slowly lowered. A smile begin to creep across your face as you squatted as low as you could possibly go, holding the stretch. Wicked glint in your eye you began to stand back up recovering as though you had intended to slut drop.Peter sighed.

He looked annoyed with Ned for blurting out that he knew Spider-man. Look at the bright side! Liz Allan invited us to her party! He smiled at your comment. Maybe she finally likes me. Ned rolled his eyes. You tried to hide a smile. Ned was on your side. Peter frowned. You rolled your eyes. Lots of people have asked me out. Derek Farrell asked you out in fifth grade.

You smoothened your black dress as you rung the doorbell. Overall, you would say that it was a good job. You wondered if Peter and Ned were inside.

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You both walked into the main area of her humongous mansion. People were partying everywhere, plastic cups in their hands, sloshing with drinks. You walked over to the DJ area, not in the mood to stay in a corner tonight. A few moments later, someone tapped you on your shoulder.

Peter looked as if he had something stuck in his throat. After a long while, he muttered. You noticed Flash staring at you, his eyes lighting up. You smiled at him flirtatiously, ready to show Peter that guys did drool over you. You giggled which was highly unnatural, but you had to show Peter. You waved. He had helped you decorate for the Homecoming last year. Your heels gave you a height boost, so you were on eye level with him.

It was weird because normally, you were an inch or two shorter than him. You tried hard not to blush. He was noticing you. Had he really said that?! Peter rolled his eyes, pulling you away from the both of them and took you to the drinks counter.Originally posted by mrsjacewayland.

You were getting ready for a party with Tom. Tom was in the bathroom buttoning his shirt and you were sitting on your vanity that Tom got you for your success on your first gig. You were a new celebrity makeup artist and you had your first job putting on makeup on Jennifer Lawrence for a gala. She was very impressed and to celebrate, Tom bought you a vanity as a present. You were working on your mascara when Tom asked you a question. You stumbled on your heel as you tried to put it on.

And maybe have a dance with them, have some drinks-ah! Tom chortled and scratched harshly at your bottom rib while slowly pushing you to the bed. And so is that belly. Makes me want to eat it aaall up. You let out a cackle followed by loud belly laughter, making Tom chuckle at you. Tom finally had mercy on you and let you go. He helped smooth your dress down that was ridden up from all your kicking. Harrison will be here any minute. Before he left the bedroom, he turned to you with a smirk.

I mean it. Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland. You and peter had been dating for a year today. It was your anniversary so you were going to spend the night at his house. Peter smiled as the doorbell rang and quickly stood up from the couch and opened the door to see you smiling widely. How are you? You walked inside with a smile. Aunt may and I had been practicing cooking this dish for the whole week. I hope it comes out well.

He dropped your bag off in his room and led you to the dining room. You grinned at the scene before you. You could really tell he tried his best to make the table look as fancy yet casual as possible. This looks really nice, Peter! I love it! You blushed and giggled lightly. Your favorite food.Originally posted by newter-pan. It had been you and only you for two years. The only girl in the maze. You were well established and you had an amazing relationship with your boyfriend, Newt.

Then one day, the Creators decided to change everything. You were working as usual in the Medjacks hut when you heard the box alarm. Like everyone else, you put down what you were doing and walked to the middle of the Glade. You saw Newt and walked over to him.

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He intertwined his hand with yours as you waited for the delivery. Newt dropped your hand and jumped into the box. Lots of boys looked at you but you folded your arms and looked at the floor. It irritated you that he used the same nickname he uses for you for this new girl. You rolled your eyes, this was ridiculous, there was no reason to be jealous. As she stood you could see her whole image. She was stunning. She had long wavy blonde hair and freckles littered her face.

The longer you looked the more attractive you realised she was. Every single boy offered to help her out the box.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Once inside, you let out a frustrated sigh. The sight of her made you feel sick in the pit of your stomach.

The way the boys, including Newt, had straight away come to her rescue and swooned over her.

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You picked up one of the pillows off the bed and threw it across the room. You walked across the room and picked up the pillow, putting it back where it should be. About an hour later it was getting dark and you could hear the maze walls closing.This isn't the censored version. Usually I change the story for all of those people who don't like adult content, but not today So if you dont like lemons, sexual themes or public sex, leave this chapter alone!

"You belong to me" A Jealous Hawks x Listener [ASMR] [BNHA]

Otherwise, go a head! Would you care to join me? Anywhere would be better than where you were You were given a short, emerald green and jet black silk robe to wear in place of the nothingness you were left with after the auction. Of course underwear wasn't an option in the slightest, which left you feeling completely and utterly exposed You had also been ordered to wear your hair up to ensure everyone saw your new mark. Supressing a sigh you looked yourself over once last time in the mirror.

Your hair was tightly pulled back into the highest pony tail you could manage, which only helped to deepen the shadows of the bones poking through your adj. Three weeks without a proper meal and daily torture had ravaged your body worse than you had thought The dark circles underneath your eyes made you look like a lifeless zombie, and the finishing touch to your look?

A painful, bright red burn mark on your neck; it was of two serpents, interlocked and devouring their tails; Loki's symbol. You really wished you had been allowed to bandage the mark on your neck as you had the one on your wrist, but he wanted to show it and you off to everyone. You moved closer to the mirror and cautiously prodded the area around the red mark, instantly pain shot through your neck to your temple.

You leaned on the basin and closed your eyes. Loki had brought you back to his room and given you time to change while he went off to arrange everything for the rest of the day, but you didn't want to go back to him. You just wanted to lock yourself in the bathroom and not come out ever again A sharp knock at the door made you jump, and put any hope to disappear to rest.

A cold shiver ran up your spine and you sighed softly before leaving the security of the bathroom to join your Master. That was rule number one. You were to always call the raven haired man Master, unless told otherwise When you opened the door the first thing you noticed was that Loki had changed his clothes into casual business attire.

The long coat and scarf, which he wore like a tie, seemed to fill out his frame more than anything you had ever seen him in.You're whole life, it'd always been you and your mom against the world.

She raised you all on her own, young and working multiple jobs to get by and support the both of you. That aside, she'd always been there. The best mom ever. From school talent shows to the science fair to everything; your mom always has your back. She was all you really knew, as it was hard to make friends. Most kids found you odd for being the smartest in the class, which resulted in a lack of friends as no one ever wanted to hang out with the weird girl.

You always thought she'd live a longer life than five more years after being diagnosed with cancer. You were five when you mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the pain she'd felt as the days went on, as much as she didn't want you to ever see her the way she was after months would go by, she was always there for you.

But, once you'd reached the age of ten, you watched your mother die right in front of you; surrounded by white walls that seemed blinding at the time. Your mother's best friend had stood by your side that day, sobbing as the woman who was once practically her sister laid limp on the hospital bed.

You stayed silent for the longest time, shedding no tears.

jealous!bucky x reader

You hoped that it'd been one big sick joke. You hoped that any minute then, the monitor would start back up again and her heart would beat once more; it didn't. You thought you'd stay with the only other person you'd known; your mother's best friend and your godmother. However, due to the lack of income, and legal rights, she couldn't.

jealous x reader lemon

As it turns out, your father was out there. You always thought he'd passed or something, due to the fact that your mother always brushed off the subject; but that was just naivety, you should've known better. You were sent to live with your father, despite pleading and begging with your godmother to do something, anything, for you to stay with her. All she could do was promise you that everything would be okay, and that you were strong and your father would love you all the same as your mother did.

A month after your mother passed, two weeks after her funeral, you had officially moved to New York to your father's home. Well, home as in tower, it took getting used to.

jealous x reader lemon

You reminded yourself countless times that day that that was your new home. You'd spent the first year sulking, unbeknownst to your father of course, who was always busy.

The resentment towards him was huge and you felt as though you could never forgive him for leaving you and your mother like that. For never even being there or attempting to help. You reminded yourself day after day that he hadn't known of your existence 'till the passing of your mother but anger kept you drowning in a dark hole.

You'd spent the second year actually attempting to get to know him. You came to terms that this was the way it was going to be.

You tried for hours a day to spend time with him, but you'd only ever been brushed off because of his busy schedule. However, as your mind opened up to the idea of getting to know your father that year, you'd become great friends with Pepper Potts. She'd given you advice over the years and acted as the parent Tony should've been when she was around.

You were glad that you had someone to keep you company in the cold tower once and awhile. Due to the fact that you couldn't get your father's attention, you began to attempt to earn it. During the beginning of the third year, he'd complimented your intelligence briefly over one of the empty dinners you both shared after he'd gotten word from your in home teacher about how well you were doing.

You found your heart swell at the comment; from then on you found yourself chasing after his approval. You began working on different projects; even attempting to replicate his suit and an artificial intelligence, one much like J. Your relationship with your father had grown since you'd first arrived, he cared tremendously about you; and your lack of interaction with kids your own age.

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